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Stories filled with amazing tales of Time travel, outer space, adventure, and murder are all subjects you'll find in the new book by Jack Legend that stretches your imagination to new heights.

Jack Legend is a writer of science fiction that favors a classic bend toward time travel, thrillers, and outer space dramas.

Jack's 1st legendary science fiction novel is on its way featuring amazing science fiction short stories that will blow you away. Tentatively entitled, " Sci-Fi with a Twist" . Look for it  at Amazon.             Amazon Author  Facebook

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Short science fiction and fantasy stories that, more often than not, end with a surprise or twist you couldn’t see coming. Transport yourself to other lives and other worlds where travel through time and space is a reality and where second chances and the end of the world sometimes cross paths. It’s a detour into the unknown filled with wonder and excitement beyond reality, and yet close enough, to make you second guess yourself.
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 Angel of Death - A former lawman becomes a pastor of a small church in the old west, but can't outrun his violent past. Will he have to take up his guns again or will he get a hand from above?

Preview Snippet

One of the spookiest, and some say most unbelievable, incidents ever recorded from the old west, occurred on the night of October 16, 1875, in a town called Gilbert, in the state of Arizona. Spooky, for aren’t tales of death always just a little spooky, regardless of the circumstances? Whether or not this tale is believable depends on your perspective.

Having done hours upon hours of research, I can only say that I believe it happened, and that knowledge has, at least in some small way, altered my perception of what is possible and what is not.

It was unusually cool that day; normally it was hot in Gilbert. There was a freak cool breeze in the air. There weren’t any clouds in the sky. The new pastor of Gilbert Baptist Church, Russ Williams, was outside working in the church yard when an old friend rode up.

“Howdy, Charlie. What brings you way out here?”

“Russ, I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. The foulest mouthed lawman, I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, is now a preacher, of all things.”

“Nothing stays the same forever, Charlie.

“I reckon not.”

“Get off your horse and come in for a spell. I don’t think you’ve ever met my wife, Helen. She’s in the house fixing dinner.”

“Russ, you remember a couple of years ago, when we were both deputies?”

“Yeah, sure, Charlie.”

“Remember back when you saved my life from that no-good bush whacker, Buck Carnes? He tried to kill me in cold blood without warning, but you got him first.”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“His brother just got out the pokey and he’s been going around saying that you shot Buck in the back.”

“I called him out. He turned around, gun in hand. I had no choice but to shoot first.”

“You don’t have to convince me, Russ. I owe you my life, and that’s a debt I intend to repay. Carnes is bringing his whole gang up here, and it’s not to sing hymns. He’s bragging to whoever will listen that he’s going to string you up and let the buzzards have you.”

“Charlie, why don’t we have supper?”
“Russ, did you just hear a word I said? He’s coming here and he’s got at least six or seven men, maybe more.”

To be continued   Sci-Fi with a Twist Story List

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