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Stories filled with amazing tales of Time travel, outer space, adventure, and murder are all subjects you'll find in the new book by Jack Legend that stretches your imagination to new heights.

Jack Legend is a writer of science fiction that favors a classic bend toward time travel, thrillers, and outer space dramas.

Jack's 1st legendary science fiction novel is on its way featuring amazing science fiction short stories that will blow you away. Tentatively entitled, " Sci-Fi with a Twist" . Look for it  at Amazon.             Amazon Author  Facebook

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Short science fiction and fantasy stories that, more often than not, end with a surprise or twist you couldnít see coming. Transport yourself to other lives and other worlds where travel through time and space is a reality and where second chances and the end of the world sometimes cross paths. Itís a detour into the unknown filled with wonder and excitement beyond reality, and yet close enough, to make you second guess yourself.
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 By the Grace of God - A home inspector has his average life turned upside down. It all starts with a seriously strange unheeded premonition.

Preview Snippet

Have you ever heard someone say, ďThere but for the grace of God, go IĒ? I canít tell you where I first heard this simple, yet, utterly profound statement. Was it at church during a sermon? Perhaps, one of those social media posts that demand a like and a share? I canít say, but it was likely years before social media was a thing. Iím just an average guy really. Iím not a philosopher by any stretch of the imagination, but I do dabble in philosophy, and a bit of psychology, as sort of a hobby. Human behavior fascinates me.

Professionally, Iím a home inspector. My small company is called, Better Home Inspections. Typically, I look over homes for the buyer before the sale of the home is finalized. Finding defects and educating my clients in the care of their new home is the name of the game. My job isnít to sell a house, itís to be honest with the client and let the chips fall where they may. I get paid whether the house sells or not. This fact sometimes puts me at odds with some realtorsÖoh, not face to face antagonism mind you, but, sometimes, you can feel the subtle pushback when a realtor feels their sale is being threatened. Believe me, no one wants to be the bad guy less than I do, but if I looked the other way even once, then my client could end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

At any rate, I was driving home in my small white truck one drizzly, wet winter day, after having just finished a home inspection. I was about an hour away from home. I didnít usually go out this far, but a job is a job. Some weeks, you just canít be choosy, not in the small rural area that I service. Along the side of the road, as I was passing a small shopping center on my right, I saw an old bearded man pushing a shopping cart. Usually, I donít pay any attention to beggars and hitch hikers, but for some reason, I found myself staring at this old man as I drove by, and he at me.

 He raised his hand barely as if to wave at me, but his hand just sort of hung there as his eyes followed my truck down the road.

That aforementioned phrase, ďThere but for the grace of God, go IĒ sprang from my lips as I passed. I forgot about it, later, of course.

To be continued   Sci-Fi with a Twist Story List

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