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Stories filled with amazing tales of Time travel, outer space, adventure, and murder are all subjects you'll find in the new book by Jack Legend that stretches your imagination to new heights.

Jack Legend is a writer of science fiction that favors a classic bend toward time travel, thrillers, and outer space dramas.

Jack's 1st legendary science fiction novel is on its way featuring amazing science fiction short stories that will blow you away. Tentatively entitled, " Sci-Fi with a Twist" . Look for it  at Amazon.             Amazon Author  Facebook

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Short science fiction and fantasy stories that, more often than not, end with a surprise or twist you couldn’t see coming. Transport yourself to other lives and other worlds where travel through time and space is a reality and where second chances and the end of the world sometimes cross paths. It’s a detour into the unknown filled with wonder and excitement beyond reality, and yet close enough, to make you second guess yourself.
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 Invasion from Outer Space - A group of teens in the 1950's witness what appears to be an alien invasion, but what is really happening will change their lives forever.

Preview Snippet

My name’s Alex Grady, and do I have a story for you. It’s time somebody knew what happened that day, way back in 1957, in my hometown of Franklin, USA, of Planet Earth. It was the day of the encounter that changed the world, as we knew it at least.

I was the typical American teenager of the 1950’s. I had thick greasy hair, loved rock and roll, comic books, cars, and girls. The latter was the sole reason for my existence, especially one, Julie Tucker. She was everything to me. She was the air I breathed, the sun, the moon, my hope for the future, everything I ever wanted or could imagine wanting. I thought of her when I was awake. I dreamed of her when I was asleep. She, on the other hand, knew little of me other than that I was a teenage boy that existed in her town. She waved and smiled at me a few times, but I never had a conversation with her longer than a few seconds at best.

Perhaps, if I wasn’t such a nerd about my feelings for her, I could have made some progress. She, quite frankly, made me nervous…extremely nervous – like heart dropping to the floor nervous. It wasn’t as though she was snooty or uppity in anyway. She was just so beautiful and perfect that she made me feel inferior in comparison. I learned, later, just how beautiful a person she was on the inside as well. I would also learn that she was entirely human, and, as such, was also capable of not only error, as all humans are, but, also, of the occasional cruelty.

I was working in my dad’s hardware shop during the summer of ’57. I was seventeen, I think, at the time. It’s been so long…yes, I was definitely seventeen. I remember, because the following school year, I would have graduated. My dad had fireworks for sale as it neared the 4th of July, and some of our most frequent customers during that time period were teenagers, one of which was Julie and her boyfriend John Brock. Brock was a piece of work. He wasn’t necessarily a bad guy. He had an outgoing personality and was very adventuresome. He treated most people decently, unless he suspected that you might represent some form of competition…then it was war.

Of course, I didn’t see myself as any real threat to Brock, but I suppose he knew that I was interested in Julie. I guess, it could have been the way I stared longingly at her whenever she was near, but why didn’t she ever notice? At any rate, Brock came across as a jerk to me most of the time. He was always trying to show me up, discredit me as a loser, or paint me as some kind of nerd unworthy of Julie’s affections.

Brock and Julie entered my dad’s hardware store that day in a bit of hurry. They wanted to hurry up and get to the lake where a bunch of their friends were planning a picnic to be topped off with fireworks later that evening. As was the custom, an older chaperone was nearby. George Knox’s farm was right next to the picnic area, and his wife had promised to keep an eye on the teens.

Brock and Julie seemed to be in a slight disagreement about something that day. I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but I think it had something to do with Julie not wanting to get into the water. I figured Brock was just eager to see Julie in her swimsuit…the louse. Obviously, he wasn’t a gentleman…not like me, of course. Certainly, I wanted to see her in a swimsuit, but I would never let on to such. That would be rude and ungentlemanly.

Brock and Julie walked up to the counter with a huge basket of fireworks. I just happened to be manning the cash register while dad was eating a very late lunch. “Is that all for you today, Julie?” I asked.

“Hey, nerd, put your eyes back in your head,” said Brock trying to steam me up, which worked, of course. He knew how to push my buttons.

“I’m not talking to you, block head,” I said, returning fire and then quickly returning to a warm smile as I looked back in Julie’s direction.

Julie answered, “That’s all we need today, um…”.

“Alex,” I said.

“Right, I’m sorry, Alex. I remember your name, of course, the air in here is just awfully hot and nasty,” she said, as she gave Brock the stare of death.

“Why are you looking at me, doll? He started it with that dopey puppy dog look he’s always giving you,” said Brock in retaliation, which I hate to say, made me blush just a bit.

“Alex, you should come down to the lake when you get off. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” said Julie.

“Sure, I’ll bring some more fireworks with me,” I said.
“Neat,” said Julie as she and Brock turned toward the door. On the way out, Brock paused just for a second to give me a look that said “I want to kill you,” before returning to a fake smile for Julie.

The two got into Brock’s Chevy and headed out of town, but, as they got to the outskirts, their vehicle was, suddenly and without warning, thrown to the side of the road by an unseen blast, landing in a ditch. This unknown blast of power was accompanied by what might be described as a giant sonic boom and a large ominous light in the sky that landed in the mountains near Franklin. The boom was so big that it shook my dad’s hardware store like a volcanic earthquake. I yelled to my dad in the backroom and asked if I could borrow the keys to his truck.


To be continued   Sci-Fi with a Twist Story List

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