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Jack Legend Comics begin with Deadlaw, a unique costumed crimefighter with bizarre powers and abilities that originate from an undead vampire and the powers of a werewolf through an experiment by the genius, yet possibly mad Doctor Frankenstein.

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Jack Legend creates a world in 1938 where monsters and gangsters rule. Jack Legend is the author of Sci-Fi with a Twist now on sale at Amazon.

Paperback Description

In 1938, a young detective escapes death only to discover that his life had been changed forever. Given supernatural powers of that of vampires and werewolves by a semi-mad scientist, Matt Corrie continues his pursuit of justice in the guise of Deadlaw the Undead Detective in this graphic novel that takes its inspiration from classic superhero comic books and monster movies of yesterday, mixed with gritty black and white art that perfectly captures the mood of this classic horror take on superheroes. Can Corrie clean up his town, get the girl, and live to tell, or is he already dead? Amazon Author  Facebook

Deadlaw Behind the Scenes and Thoughts

Deadlaw is a mix of old gangster and monster movies meets Golden Age superhero comics. The goal is tell a serious story that's fun for all ages the way comics were once upon a time. I'm a firm believer that stories in comics should be intelligent enough that grown-ups can enjoy them while not purposefully going into areas that unnecessarily prohibit kids from being able to read and enjoy them as well.

When I was a kid growing up comics meant action, adventure, and thought provoking science fiction, and, of course, there was all of the ridiculous powers and costumes, but it was all in good fun.

While there has been some return in form, particularly in the Superman comics with the DC Comics Rebirth, most comics over recent years have strove to be darker and grittier to the point of nausea. I was never keen on reading or watching something that left me feeling more depressed than I started. Life, after all is hard enough without a few laughs to get one by. In real life, people aren't angry and gritty twenty-four hours a day. If they are, they need help. In fact, if you'll notice even in the darkest of times the human spirit often fights back with attempts at humor. It's a coping mechanism. We say humorous things in the worst of times just to take the pressure off.

You show me a good comedian, and I'll show you a person that has more than likely been through the ringer. It's those overly serious guys that usually have never had a really hard day in their life. That being said, a story needs to tell the bad and the good of life in order to be realistic. Life is neither sunshine and rainbows all the time, nor is it twenty-four hours of thunder storms seven days a week. I hope that comes through in Deadlaw, both in this first volume and others to come.

Heroes both real and fictionalized should inspire something in us, whether it's just to persevere, to beat up bad guys, or just to show us how say a good one-liner during a fight.

I hope that everyone that has been involved with this site over the years, and new visitors will consider purchasing a copy of Deadlaw and writing a review. Believe me your review...your opinion, is valuable both in helping to promote and sell Deadlaw, but also, it's invaluable to me as a creator to get feedback. It makes all the difference in the world.


Deadlaw Characters

Matt Corrie aka Deadlaw

Deadlaw superhero

Young police detective in 1938 that while murdered manages to not stay dead thanks to a Dr. Frankenstein. His childhood was a rough one. His biological father was a gangster, while his step-dad was murdered just after he joined the police force.

Joe Kelly aka Razorfang

Joe Kelly is the gangster who controls most of the crime in the city, if not the whole city itself. He's a powerful man in more ways than one. Don't make him angry, if he doesn't have his gang take you out, he might just break your arms and legs himself to save time.

Sarah Worthington


Sarah is Matt's girlfriend. Her past is questionable and while she seems to desire to be on the right path, she's had to be under the employment of the gangster Joe Kelly in order to make ends meet in the depression era of the 1930's.

 Doctor Frankenstein

Doctor Frankenstein

Dr. Victor Frankenstein, yes, the doctor responsible for Frankenstein's monster that terrorized the world. He's become repentant of his past experiments and wants to rid the world of his evil monster and possibly help fight against evil in general. This is why he decides to lend a helping hand to a very dead Matt Corrie. Surprisingly, the doctor doesn't appear all that old. Could he have experimented on himself as well? Only time will tell.

Deadlaw over city